Request Info for TYSFL

Who are you?
I am a PARENT wanting to find a team for my child to play onI am a COACH wanting more information on the TYSFL tournament

Are you currently associated with or coach with any league in your town?
I coach associated with a league in my townI am an independent coach NOT associated with a leagueI am a parent

What league are you associated with if any?(i.e. POP, PAL, FYFCA, CYFL, INDEPENDENT etc) If no league place "NONE"

If associated with a league what is the name of your Fall organization? (i.e. Indiana Wildcats) If no team affiliation place "NONE"

Which Division are you likely to want to enter a team on or have your child play for? REQUIRED
TINY-MITE 5 & 6yrs unlimited 7yrs < 75lbsMITEY-MITE 7 & 8yrs unlimited 9yrs < 85lbsPEEWEE 9 & 10yrs unlimited 11yrs < 95lbsSUPERS 10 & 11yrs unlimited 12yrs < 115lbsMIDGETS 11 & 12yrs unlimited 13yrs < 130lbsJV 12 & 13yrs unlimited 14yrs < 200lbsVARSITY 14, 15 & 16yr olds Unlimited weight

What area are you or your team located in? (pick closest)

Do you have a field where you can practice?

Your Name

Your Email

What is your cell phone number?

What is your alternate phone number?


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