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The FSYFL has released the Pro Bowl Rosters below. THESE TEAMS ARE FINAL AND WILL NOT BE CHANGED (So do not bother to call to lobby…Thanks!)

Due to some teams not participating in the Pro Bowl nomination process most of the teams have only got an EAST and a WEST roster. This will make practicing fairly difficult. The Pro Bowl is about fun and not necessarily practicing multiple times. Teams will get a chance to practice once at the State Championship fields, and then coaches are being advised to place another 1 1/2 hour practice time in before the games at the Pro Bowl field. Coaches phone numbers are displayed on the rosters and players can use this number to check in with their “Organizing Head Coach” just to touch base.

The “organizing Coaches” are in position primarily to be the facilitator of the team not the dictator, and the FSYFL allows as many coaches as teams wish to be on the field and to help. The FSYFL in fact encourages every coach to join in if they want and organizing coaches are asked to include everyone.

The schedule is also below, divisions with 3 teams will play a half game round robin (2 games each) the East/West teams will play a longer than usual full game.
Playoff Brackets
Tiny Mite Pro Bowl Roster
Mitey Mite D1 Pro Bowl Roster
Mitey Mite D2 Pro Bowl Roster
Peewee D1 Pro Bowl Roster
Peewee D2 Pro Bowl Roster
Supers D1 Pro Bowl Roster
Supers D2 Pro Bowl Roster
Midget D1 Pro Bowl Roster
Midget D2 Pro Bowl Roster
JV D1 Pro Bowl Roster
JV D2 Pro Bowl Roster


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