Coaches Timeline

FSYFL COACHES GENERAL TIMELINE SUMMARY – This list is only intended to be a guideline for coaches on what tasks should be done by when.  In almost all cases some teams join the FSYFL late in the process and then can certainly catch up to the timeline. Prior to November 30th 

    • – Begin canvassing your proposed players and coaches to determine what teams are likely to have some degree of interest in the tournament
    • – Begin to finalize your board approval, equipment and field practice site
    • – Begin player registration processes and fee collection
    • – Early Registration Fee payment Program (Deadline for payment October 1st each year) – If you wish to participate in this program submit your amount. 
December 15th – 31st
    • – Confirm with FSYFL the teams that are likely to be participating from your organization
    • – Begin to collect all players paperwork
    • – Register your team on the FSYFL Registration Page and set up your Team Console Page. Once your team is registered the FSYFL will send you a user name and password to the FSYFL Team Management Console.
    • – Enter your teams players and coaches into the FSYFL Team Management Console.
January 1st
    • – Team schedule security payment – A minimum of $800 of your players fees must have been submitted to the FSYFL to secure your team schedule spot.  (Important:  This is NOT an additional deposit but a portion of your player fees that must have been paid by this date to secure your spot on the schedule.  If your club purchased early bird registrations, then these $ amounts can be used as part of this schedule security payment amount)
    • – Decide on your team name and colors
    • – Finalize registrations and player paperwork
January 15th
    • Team cut off Deadline –  provide FSYFL with final team count from your organization
    • – Secure Practice facility and start practice.  The FSYFL offices can provide an “FSYFL additional insured” insurance document for your practice field facility management if needed.  Please email with name and address of facility
    • – Continue to collect the remainder of your players fees
    • – Start developing your Team folder (Hard Cards/Birth Certificates/Medical & Liability Forms)
January 31st
    • – At least 50% of your player registration fee payments should be into the FSYFL
    • – Start to do your Team Photos
    • – Sign up last minute additional players
    • – Receive Game Jerseys
    • – Receive Schedule (Schedules are released approximately 2 weeks prior to season start)
February 7th onwards  
    • – All final player fee payments should be into the FSYFL
    • – Attend Team File Folder Pre Certification Meetings (Dates and locations for these meetings vary based on regions, and will be posted on the web site)


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