Certification Dates

Florida Spring Football provides FOUR separate opportunities for players to be certified.

  1. Pre-Season Regional Certification Tour – A Florida Spring League team travels for one date around every city/region
  2. Pre-Season Regional Certification Offices – Pre-Cert offices open up in each city for 1-2 additional times
  3. Pre-Season Jamborees – The Florida Spring League will provide a certification office at all pre-season jamborees that are held around the state
  4. In-Season at Game Fields – Players can be certified at EVERY game field prior to their games

PLEASE NOTE: ALL THESE OFFICES AND EVENTS ARE FULL SERVICE AND CAN HANDLE ALL PAPERWORK CERTIFICATION, WEIGH INS, PAYMENTS ETC Coaches can get their players all certified at ONE event or have some players attend each of the MULTIPLE events in ANY region or area until their whole team is done. If a player misses one event they can attend a different one. Coaches or parents can attend with or without players. If a player is attending WITHOUT their parents then the coach must have all the original birth certificate, ID for that player and the 2 liability forms in hand. Liability and Medical forms can be signed online by parents. IN ORDER TO GET A PLAYER CERTIFIED THE FSYFL REQUIRES THE PLAYER TO ATTEND THE EVENT ALONG WITH AN ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND COPY OF ID. PARENTS CAN ATTEND THE EVENTS OR PROVIDE THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS TO THEIR HEAD COACHES TO PRESENT TO THE FSYFL. NO PLAYER WILL BE CERTIFIED WITHOUT THESE DOCUMENTS. Do not show up without all documents…you will be turned away. For questions about any of these dates call FSYFL Director of Certifications Dianna Shedd 386 212 8337


**Please Note – 2018 Certification Dates calendar will be released around Jan 1st, 2018

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