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Schedule Changes – IMPORTANT

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All Coaches:

Due to some team changes and other unavoidable issues a large amount of schedule changes have taken place. To review a document with all these changes please CLICK HERE New!

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

1st Game Scores & Standings posted

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Go to the New Console Front Page open to everyone to view scores, standings and schedule.

1st week of scores posted CLICK HERE

1st week of Standings posted CLICK HERE

Your scores are now in your team schedules page also CLICK HERE


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Coaches should take the time to read this latest newsletter that outlines some issues for the 2015 Season.

Coaches Email Update #5 – 1/13/2015 New!

FSYFL Rules Interpretations  Here is a great document that outlines some of the complex FSYFL rules

YSF Equipment Services – Another Exciting Benefit of joining the FSYFL Tournament!

The FSYFL has started a new equipment program called YSF Equipment Services. Offering football equipment to all organizations at reasonable prices. Don’t believe it?  CLICK HERE or go to the menu choice on top called “YSF Equipment”

2015 Schedules Released!

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Please note: These schedules are the second draft (Uploaded Sunday, Feb 8th, 2015 at 7am.  (Tarpon Springs Field times for Week # 5 are still to be added and will be finalized within 24 hours).  The FSYFL will be uploading the schedules to your Team Console Management Pages with a day.

Please do not hand out this full schedule to your parents yet – Provide them with Week 1 ONLY - until the schedules settle there will be changes.



Tiny Mite Schedule

Mitey Mite Schedule

Peewee Schedule

Supers Schedule

Midget Schedule

JV Schedule

Varsity Schedule

Referee & Field Directors Legend

NEW Coaches Email Update Released – Jan 22nd, 2015

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NEW Coaches Email Update #4 - CLICK HERE   New Friday Jan 22, 2015!

* * * * * *

Need to find a date on the Certification Calendar to certify your players? – CLICK HERE

Need a Coaches Badge Application?  - CLICK HERE

* * * * * *

Trying to find a Document? – CLICK HERE

Need to check the FSYFL Rules before the Season starts? – CLICK HERE

Need to brush up on the 18 unusual FSYFL rules? – CLICK HERE

2015 Season Changes

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For a complete document of 2015 Changes CLICK HERE

Weight and Age changes – With the large demand of youth football clubs moving to a grade based unlimited weight player format the FSYFL will continue to format their ages and weights to help satisfy both POP Warner/Independent leagues and the Unlimited programs.  The following changes will be made for 2015 season:

1.  Both of the sub ages of each division will now become unlimited
2.  The weight of 14 year olds on the JV division will be increased to 200lbs
3.  16 year olds will now be added to the Varsity division

New 2015 Ages and Weights
Tiny Mite            5 & 6 yrs both unlimited   7 yrs <75lbs
Mitey Mite          7 & 8 yrs both unlimited   9 yrs <85lbs
Peewee              9 & 10 yrs both unlimited   11 yrs <95lbs
Supers              10 & 11 yrs both unlimited   12 yrs <115lbs
Midget              11 & 12 yrs both unlimited   13 yrs <130lbs
JR Varsity         12 & 13 yrs both unlimited   14 yrs <200lbs
Varsity              14, 15 & 16 yrs all unlimited weight

Division 1 and 2 tournament changes (IMPORTANT)Due to the difficulties that the FSYFL faced in 2014 with the D1/D2 issues a decision has been made to reduce our interference in determining a teams D1 or D2 status.  The FSYFL’s mission is “to facilitate a tournament, that is coach and player focused, minimizing paperwork and bureaucratic interference, and providing all teams with equal and fair opportunity with an emphasis on multiple benefits, to allow for a fun centered and exciting tournament”  With this in mind, the FSYFL has determined that there is no pure D1/D2 science and has therefore come to the conclusion that in general coaches will for the most part make the correct D1/D2 determinations.  We agree the risk may still arise that a D1 quality team may enter the D2 tournament “just to win a state trophy” but 2014 proved it does not help when we interject ourselves into the situation and try and manually balance the process.  If a coach takes this route deliberately then they will have a boring season of uncompetitive games and likely regret their decision. 

The FSYFL will provide 2 tournaments with the exact same outcomes and coaches will make their own decisions which tournament to participate in.  The new 2015 D1/D2 tournament guidelines are as follows:

1.   D1 = Competitive (all divisions)    D2 = Developmental (Mitey Mite through JV divisions only).  The FSYFL will make an effort to outline this clearly in the team sales process and discourage coaches away from a  “play for the trophy approach”

2.   Teams/Coaches will decide themselves which tournament to enter.  (The FSYFL reserves the right however based on historical team knowledge to at times disallow certain D1 teams from entering the D2 tournament, however these interjections will be limited and discussed with the individual coaches/clubs)

3.   There will be a State Championship for ALL age divisions in BOTH the D1 and D2 tournaments.

4.   Teams will remain in their D1/D2 tournament category to the end.  There will no longer be a re-categorization process at the playoffs.  Once a team has elected to play in D1 or D2 they will remain in that tournament for the regular season and the playoffs.

5.   The FSYFL will schedule the regular season with the principle that D1 teams play D1 teams and D2 play D2.  Should the amount of teams participating in a given age division not make this possible then the FSYFL schedule will ensure that ALL teams in that specific age division have the exact same amount of “out of division” regular season games.

6.   All 6 regular season games will now count toward a teams record for playoff seeding purposes.

7.   The FSYFL will provide a D3 post season bowl game opportunity for the weaker D2 teams.  Teams will be asked if they want to drop out of the D2 playoffs and participate in the D3 district based bowl tournament where there will be a D3 bowl trophy opportunity. (This decision will be voluntary, and the remainder of the D2 teams will play in the regular D2 playoffs)

FSYFL Pricing Increase – Due to the increasing costs of many items necessary to run a successful tournament we are forced to increase our prices for the 2015 season.  We have maintained the same pricing levels for the past 2 years and we can no longer sustain this for the 3rd year

New prices for 2015 Season will be as follows
1. Teams using their OWN jersey = $130 per player
2. Teams using FSYFL jerseys = $145 per player

As a reminder the FSYFL offers a pre season “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” program that operates from July 1st through Sept 30th, that helps teams with fund raising, scholarships or overall discount opportunities.

Printing hard cards through the team management console system – To continually improve the FSYFL’s attempts to monitor legal ages and reduce the ability of teams to transfer player hard cards to other file folders and divisions all hard cards will nowbeprinted through the Team Management Console.  This will also save time for coaches to create their file folders.

1.   Cards will print with a unique player ID code to help the FSYFL track players by division

2.   A transparent color coded watercolor division identifier will print on the hard card. This will help to stop teams transferring players from one division to another.

3.   Coaches will have the capability to electronically upload player photographs to be printed on the hard cards. 

Adding Players to teams – To assist coaches with scouting and game planning the FSYFL has reduced the number of in season weeks that teams can add players to their teams after the season has started.  The last date for adding players to teams has been brought forward one week from the week 4 games to the week 3 games.

Hard Card Game day check coding – To assist the FSYFL in calculating the # of games a player has played, and also help coaches with scouting and game planning the FSYFL will categorize players game day attendance on their hard cards with a more accurate coding system.

1.   GP = player actually played in game
2.   IR = player is on injured reserve, checked in for the game but did not play.
3.   N# = player did not bring their jersey
4.   NS = player did not show up to game check in

Improved minimum # of regular season games for players to qualify for Playoffs – A player must have a minimum of 3 “GP” and/or “IR” stamps to qualify for the playoffs, and a minimum of 2 of those stamps must be a “GP”.  In the event a player does not have the required number of stamps due to an injury that was the result of an early season FSYFL game, but is able to return for the playoffs the coach can apply for a “waiver”.  If granted all other teams in that team’s playoff age group will be informed of this waiver.

Game Jersey Numbers – To assist coaches with their scouting and game planning the FSYFL will now require players to play in the SAME jersey number from the 3rd week of schedule games to the end of the season.

2015 Season Game Dates
Regular Season Games 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21
District Playoffs 3/28
Regional Finals 4/4
Conference Championships 4/11
Bye Week 4/18
State Championships 4/25 – 26
Pro Bowl 5/2 – 3

Why Choose the FSYFL?

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15 Good Reasons to Join the FSYFL Tournament

1. Over 220 teams from across Florida
2. Regional Play with a one week Travel Game schedule
3. Division 1 and 2 tournament
4. FSYFL is a Coaches tournament
5. Play teams from outside your normal Fall programs
6. Games at Regional fields make for a weekly Jamboree atmosphere
7. FSYFL provides a Cheer Competition
8. Every team qualifies for the 1st round of playoffs
9. An Exciting D1 and D2 State Championship Weekend
10. NFL style Pro Bowl Tournament
11. 7 different Divisions
12. Strong verifiable player certification process
13. Great District, Regional, Conference and State Trophies
14. Well trained Referee Association
15. Solid Background check process

Do you need more details? CLICK HERE – Need a Brochure? CLICK HERE

East take 4 State Titles – West grab 3!

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STATE CHAMPIONSHIP PHOTO GALLERY   New!  (more photos coming soon…)

The West coast Conference got beaten in the final leg game of the State Championships going down 4-3 in the battle for supremacy of the FSYFL football state tournament title hunt!

2014 State Champions
Tiny Mite – Northside Colts (defeated River City Elite 26-0)
Mitey Mite – Treasure Coast Spartans (defeated St Pete Raider Gang 12-0)
Peewee – Westside Broncos (defeated Flagler Falcons 27-0)
Supers – Flagler Wolfpack (defeated Charlotte Warriors in OT 25-19)
Midgets – Treasure Coast Spartans (defeated Westside Broncos 40-6)
JV – Plant City Dolphins (defeated Treasure Coast Spartans 18-12)
Varsity – Port Orange Super Hawks (defeated St Pete Sharks 36-6)

2014 Cheer Champions
Grand Champions – PSL Cheer Open
2nd Place - Port Charlotte Warriors Cheer
3rd Place – New Smyrna Beach Open Cheer
4th Place - New Smyrna Beach Tiny Mite Cheer

2014 John Walters Spirit Award Winners
Ian Halme (Pinecrest Pilots)
Chance Oody (Bradford County Cowboys)
Bradley Cheshire (East Marion Mustangs)
Tyler Macks (Kissimee Cowboys)
Tighe Basso (Manatee Pitbulls)
Lukas Lasher (Hobe Sound Ravens)
Matt Deckert (Pinecrest Pilots)

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